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Mak Grills

Mak Grill is the superior precision-built pellet barbecue made for the cooking enthusiast. Any pellet barbecue owner can tell you that flavor and moisture-retention are the biggest benefits to cooking with a pellet grill, but the Mak takes it a step further with its advanced Pellet BossTM cooking control and cold-smoke box. Smoke your own cheese, bake a pizza and even direct-flame cook your burger. Whether you grill, smoke, barbecue or bake, your food will taste amazing coming off of a Mak.

 Mak 2 Star General - From the Flame ZoneTM direct cook zone to the warmer/smoke box, not a single detail was left unattended to. Details such as the easy-to-clean removable fire pot, quick change pellet trap door, 304 stainless steel parts, and rolled lid, are all unique to the Mak, as is its distinction of being proudly made in the USA.

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